Management Services
  What Butterfly Properties, LLC will do:  
  • Assess property and recommend improvements prior to renting
  • Advertising (including website and signage)
  • Show the property to perspective tenants
  • Screen applicants including credit check
  • Lease signing
  • Ensure utilities are switched to tenants’ names
  • Collect rent and distribute to homeowner
  • Track income and expenses related to property upkeep
  • Issue monthly statements to homeowner
  • Provide 24 hour assistance to tenants
  • Provide rules specific to property to tenant with the lease
  • Routine maintenance
    • Homeowners authorize repairs or maintenance up to $200 without prior authorization
  • Periodically check on the property to ensure proper maintenance
  • Inform homeowner of any large scale repairs that are needed
  • If necessary, take actions to remove unsatisfactory tenants
  • Perform an exit walkthrough
  • Inform the tenant of cleaning that needs to be re-done
  • Issue the security deposit refund check

 What we will charge:

  • 10% of monthly rent, or the difference between owner’s desired rent and collected rent, whichever is more
  • $20 per hour for routine maintenance jobs, and for arranging large scale repair jobs

Tenant will pay and are responsible for:  

  • Rent
  • Security deposit equal to one month rent, plus $100 for each pet (if applicable)
  • $10 credit check fee per person
  • Utilities except trash and sewer (see below)
  • Lawn and yard maintenance
  • Additional items specified in lease
Homeowner will pay:  
  • Advertising expenses beyond Butterfly Properties, LLC website and signs
  • Sewer and trash (directly to appropriate entities)
  • Cost of repairs
Terminating this agreement: 

Either party can terminate this contract by giving the other party 30 days notice in writing.

Contact us:
Butterfly Properties, LLC
(406) 544-7189

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