Our Approach

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to help you create landscapes that are beautiful, sustainable and ecologically appropriate.  The result will allow you to enjoy your unique garden, which should be a natural extension of your home and lifestyle.  We can help you attain a garden that caters to your needs and works with, not against, nature.

Our Story

Who we are

David is biologist and avid gardener.  His background is in wildlife biology, art and architecture.  Marilyn is a plant ecologist and botanist specializing in native plants and natural area management.  As botany and wildlife professionals with over 40 years experience in the Missoula area, we are the most knowledgeable native plant and wildlife gardening experts around.  We are committed to the environment and we strive to conduct our business and lives in an environmentally friendly way.


Marilyn Marler

Co-founder, wife


David Schmetterling

Co-founder, husband




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