Why hire a garden coach? 

We fill the gap between hiring a landscape architect or landscape installer and just asking a neighbor for advice.  If you want to do the work yourself, but need some advice and “know how,” contact us.  Even if you just need a fresh idea or a new perspective, we can help.  We provide help planning, advice on maintenance needs, and a few other contracted services (like plant propagation and referrals).

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Our gardening style: 

Your garden should be your retreat, not a place that overwhelms you with the tedium of maintenance.  We advocate and use native plants to create sustainable landscaping that supports local biodiversity and water conservation.  Our favorite gardens provide a sense of place unique to the Missoula area.  We can teach you to maintain your native landscape as an enjoyable activity.

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We provide advice, assessments and recommendations for:

  • Landscape planning
  • Existing conditions
  • Plant species
  • Weed control
  • Garden design and plans
  • Construction and hardscaping
  • Maintaining your landscape
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Vegetable gardening
  • Plant diagnosis
  • List of Recommended Products and Vendors
  • Wildlife gardening
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Our Standard Package:
Site assessment and planning consultation includes:

  • One-hour on-site visits
  • Landscape assessment and maintenance tips
  • Plant species recommendations
  • Garden design suggestions
  • Simple irrigation solutions
  • Landscaping & planting ideas
  • Identification of existing trees, shrubs, and plants on the property
  • Weed control plan and recommendations
  • Wildlife gardening advice

Other services:

  • Follow-up letter with action plan and recommendations
  • Bird house construction
  • Garden structure construction
  • Plant selection assistance (local or mailorder)
  • Customized planting suggestions
  • Hand tool recommendations and selection assistance
  • Other lawn/garden advice as needed
  • Tips and ideas for enhancing entries and walkways with plants, lighting, edging materials, mulch choices, etc.
  • Low-cost solutions homeowners can implement to maximize curb appeal.
  • Weed control plans, including assistance and referrals when appropriate

Our fee: $75/ hour


Contact us:

  • (406) 544-7189
  • info@butterflypropertiesllc.com